im about fucking sick of seeing gifs and pictures from that shitty tv show…

those kids who look no older than 18, one of them looks like he has down syndrome, one of them has a fucking ginger moustache and stupid mop head and i dont even know about the other one

fuck that show and fuck you if you like it

what is it called workaholics or whatever?

 OH they swear sometimes and talk about drugs… so fucking edgy….


you sound pretty butthurt about it 

ohhhoo looks like we got a RUDE boy


I love this


I see yall 


This man is one of the kindest, brightest, and most jovial people I’ve ever known. It breaks my heart to share this news. JetSet always had a hug and a smile for everyone he met. He was an eternal Michael Jackson fan, a passionate lover of song and dance, and the best dressed man you’ve ever seen. The way he delivered his lines was honest and sweet, and he made us laugh on set and off every single day. We are blessed to have been able to spend three wonderful years with him, and if you knew JetSet you were the luckiest person in the world. The heavens will shine a lot brighter tonight with it’s newest star. I’ll miss you, JetSet. Til we meet again, all my love.

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Jet Set appreciation posts for the rest of day. 

“Blake asked me the other day how to spell ‘if’. You gonna trust that level of smartness with a multi-thousand dollar corp?”

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